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Hanseatic Bank - Privacy Policy

About Hanseatic Bank Solution

Hanseatic Bank Solution (referred to as ”Hanseatic Bank” within this policy) is a comprehensive Open Banking Solution that is supporting PSD2 compliance along with more value added features.

Privacy Policy

This section explains how Hanseatic Bank captures your personal information, purpose of capturing, and the retention of your personal information.

Please note that this policy is for reference only, and is applicable for the software as a product. WSO2 Inc., or its developers have no access to the information held within Hanseatic Bank. Please refer “Disclaimer” for more information.

What are the personal information ?

Hanseatic Bank considers anything related to you as your personal information. This includes, but is not limited to,

  • Your user name (except in the case where your user name is created by your employer under contract)
  • The IP address you use to login
  • Your device ID, if you choose to login with a device (Phone, Tablet)

However Hanseatic Bank does not consider the following as your personal information, and uses this only for analytical purposes, since this information cannot be used to track you.

  • City/Country from which your TCP/IP connection originates
  • Time of the day you login.(Year, Month, Week, Hour or Minute)
  • Type of the device you use to login (Phone, Tablet, etc.)
  • Operating system and Generic browser information

Collection of your information

Hanseatic Bank collects your information to only serve your access requirements.

For example,

  • Hanseatic Bank uses your IP address to detect any suspicious login attempt to your account.
  • Hanseatic Bank uses your First Name, Last Name, etc to provide rich and personalized information.

Tracking Technologies

Hanseatic Bank collects your information through the following,

  • The user sign up page where you enter your personal data
  • Tracking your IP address with HTTP request, HTTP headers, and TCP/IP
  • Tracking your geographic information with the IP address
  • Your login history with browser cookies. Please refer our cookie policy for more information

Use of your personal information

Hanseatic Bank will use your personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected (or for a use identified as consistent with that purpose).

Hanseatic Bank uses your personal information only for the following purposes.

  • To provide you with a personalized user experience. Hanseatic Bank uses attributes such as your name for this purpose
  • To protect your account from unauthorized access or a potential hacking attempt. Hanseatic Bank use HTTP or TCP/IP Headers for this purpose
    • This includes,
      • IP address,
      • Browser fingerprinting,
      • Cookies
  • To derive statistical data for analytical purposes on system performance improvements. Hanseatic Bank will not keep any personal information after statistical calculations. Thus a statistical report has no means to identify an individual person
    • Hanseatic Bank may use
      • The IP Address to derive geographic information
      • Browser fingerprinting to determine the browser technology and version

Disclosure of your personal information

Hanseatic Bank will disclose personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected (or for a use identified as consistent with that purpose), unless you have consented otherwise or where it is required by law.

Hanseatic Bank may disclose your personal information with or without your consent where it is required by law following the due and lawful process.

How Hanseatic Bank keeps your personal information

Where your personal information is stored

Hanseatic Bank stores your personal information in secured databases. Hanseatic Bank exercises proper industry accepted security measures to protect the database where your personal information is held./p>

Hanseatic Bank may use encryption to keep your personal data with added level of security.

How long does Hanseatic Bank keep your personal information ?

Hanseatic Bank keep your personal data as long as you are an active user of our system. You can update your personal data at any time with the given self-care user portals.

How can you request a removal of your personal information ?

You can request the administrator to delete your account The administrator will be the administrator of the tenant you are registered or the super-administrator if you do not use the tenant feature.

You can additionally request to anonymize all traces of your activities that may have been retained by Hanseatic Bank in Logs, Databases or Analytical storage.


Changes to this policy

The organization running Hanseatic Bank may revise the Privacy Policy from time to time. You can find the most recent governing policy with the respective link provided by the organization running Hanseatic Bank. The organization will notify any changes to the privacy policy over our official public channels.

Your choices

If you already have an account with API Manager; you have the right to deactivate your account if you find that this privacy policy is unacceptable for you.

If you do not have an account, you can choose not to subscribe if you do not agree with our privacy policy.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any question or concerns of this privacy policy.